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Free blogging websites domain VS Own domain. Blogging in 2022, myth busted !

Do you still use any of the Best Free Blogging Websites for your precious blogs?

This information might upset you a little bit. But if you have big goals such as branding, this blog will be the savior of your hard work, efforts & time investment, creativity, and hence Branding. 

How Free Websites for Blogging can cause you a problem?

Imagine your name is Mr. Xyz and you are just starting a blog in 2022. Blogging is your serious profession and you have started making contacts from it. Now you are also thinking of starting your business in your name only so people can easily relate it with your blog.

You went to an office party the other day and met a great professional from your field of interest. You let him know about your business idea & blog and he seems very interested. He asked you for the link to your blog so he can see the credibility of your blog. You mention your blog link as ‘’. Now, this does not look nice or professional at all.

He even forgets the link you told him as soon as he opens his laptop. But imagine if the link of your blog was ‘’, it would have been super easy to remember and sounds very professional.

From the professional point of view, do you realize how important is it to stop using Free blogging websites? If you think of moving your blogs from the Free Blogging Platform to Own Domain, it is a super easy task. Let’s say if you’re using Blogger and want to move to WordPress, you can find many articles on google on ‘How to shift from Blogger to WordPress’. All you have to do is just follow the steps.

But before you go for it you need to realize the importance of doing it. You should ask yourself why you should move your blog from Free Blogging Platform to your domain.

Free Domain Hosting

Why should you prefer a personal Domain to Free Blogging websites?

8 facts that answer all your questions correctly:

1. Easy to remember and Professional:

As in the above example, when you move your blogs from a Free Blogging Platform to your own domain, it becomes super easy to remember. You can also expect a lot of traffic. If your domain is catchy, it will stick to mind and easy to type in the URL, unlike the Free blogging website lengthy domain. Additionally, a simple domain name is super easy to grab attention and looks very professional. This can open a new door for you in the professional field. Your blog may have a lot of interesting data but people may not even want to open it. Just because of the lengthy free domain. Users may find it cheap and assume it contains low-quality information. 

You can lose many followers and professional connections.

2. Increase the positioning (SEO):

SEO refers to search engine optimization and having a professional and easy-to-remember domain helps you with increased positioning on search engines like Google. When people search for something similar to what you write in your blog, they will see your domain, because the blogs on personal domains are ranked on the top of search engines.

There is a high chance that your blog will appear on the top page if you optimize according to it. So when you move the blog from a free blogging platform, the visibility of your blog starts to increase in search engines. Almost every website owner today opts for many SEO tools to increase their performance. But the first step is to move the blog from free blogging websites and eventually, you will have increased positioning of your blog.

3. Permanency:

Be your owner. When you have your domain you will have the freedom of everything. Your domain name will be locked for you and will be permanent as long as you keep paying for it. When you are serious about your profession and your business, permanency plays a major role. You cannot let anyone else rule your business and see what all is going on.

4. Increased Credibility:

In today’s digital world, competition is high. You must stand out from the crowd. Your business idea must look credible and promising. Move your blog from Free blogging websites to any of your own domains and you will see yourself the increase in the credibility of your business. All of a sudden you will have great clients who would want to connect with your blog or business. This leads to a great online presence in this competitive world.

5. Save yourself from hackers:

When you move the blog from Free blogging platforms and go for your domain name, you are no longer connected to a third party. Your blog will be free of free advertisements and popups. The visitors on your website will feel freer and won’t get irritated, most importantly you will be free from viruses, malware, and other cyber-attacks. No one will be able to hack your important information from your blog because it provides more security even than the best free blogging platform

6. Customizable:

You can easily customize your domain and this will provide you with a great online presence.

7. Save Time, Money, and Efforts :

When you have your domain you tend to save your time and efforts and your buyers too. You can save money too as when you purchase your domain you will have to spend a very little amount of money but when you go for the free domain you spend more money. As if you face loss because of hacking or virus, you will have to face losing more than you have ever imagined. It is not at all safe for your business.

8. Take advantage of your country extension:

When you move your blog to your personal domain. You can add your country extension to your domain like and this helps you to have a great performance on the internet. As you will have a geographical advantage and your website SEO will eventually improve according to geographical search.

Enough to convince you on What’s stopping your blogging career growth?


To survive in the market, many things have become necessary and must not be ignored. You may have just started a blog and it may have a promising future but when you do not go for your domain you destroy the possibility of success of your business.

When you are serious about blogging and you are sure it can yield you great results, you must be ready to move your blogs from there to where they will benefit you with full potential. 

Everything you do or post is either for your existing followers or to gain new followers. You cannot upset your followers by popping up any advertisements not relatable to your content and irritating them so they never return to your blog. Having your domain helps you with greater acceptability.

You need to think very carefully and consider all the above-mentioned points before making any big decision. It may even get difficult for you to move a blog from the free blogging website because there is no customer care service provided and the process becomes more complicated. When you want your business to grow, having your domain should be your priority.

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