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Problems with Free Hosting you cannot ignore.

Problems with Free Hosting

When you get something for free why pay for it? You may feel that why should you increase your expenses for something free. When you choose Free Hosting there may be a few things which you are not considering.


Anything that comes for free has some pitfalls which cannot be ignored. Before you go for Free hosting you must know that this option makes your venture look extremely unprofessional. Before you make any choice there are a few things which you must know about Free Hosting. And you will get to know why a free thing can cost you even more.

free hosting

You may be searching for free website hosting but there are many advantages and disadvantages attached to it. The only advantage is that it is free but the biggest disadvantage is of the root level access. You will have limited options and access to everything that can limit your thinking or expertise level. You will not have the freedom to do anything special on your own.


Following are the problems with free hosting which you cannot ignore:

irritating ads

1 – Advertisements and Pop-Ups: You will have to deal will endless irritating advertisements or their watermark on your Free Hosting website. You cannot add your ads and even if you do they will have nil visibility. This is the way how Free Hosting earns. 

The advertisements help them to earn but that can be troublesome for you as your customers can get irritated. Having a website other than your own business is a big no. That looks cheap and very unprofessional.


2 – No Customer Support: When you are new at doing this, you will require some kind of knowledge and support from the customer service but there will be very little or no help provided with you.

This can be of a great problem for you as things may go wrong and you will not be able to figure out the fix. As it is free of cost, you cannot expect any support from the customer care service.


3 – Slow Performance: When you opt for Free hosting you will face the major issue of slow performance. It will take several minutes to load the website and it can even crash at the time just because free hosting provides limit the resources like processer, storage and badwidth etc.

This does not only lead to the lost opportunity to sell something but can be extremely embarrassing for your business. Advertisements and popups too slow down the performance and make the website look clumsy.


4 – Security Issues: Digitalisation requires security as there can be a major issue of virus, hacking and malware. Free Hosting is not safe at all. You will put all your data at risk. Hackers can steal your customer’s data and hack their payment information. 

This kind of activity can lead to great loss and the image of your brand will decrease in the mind of the customer. Are you ready to take that risk just because you are not ready to invest a little amount on the paid affordable hosting services?


5 – Boring Themes: There are only limited theme options available when you start a blog or website on free host. Free Hosting will not allow you to customize your new theme or add a theme of your choice. If you wish to do so, you will have to pay a lot for it.

You will not be able to add the excitement level to your blog or website. Customization plays a big role when starting something new as that is the face or presentation of your enterprise.

web traffic

6 – Won’t be able to accept higher traffic: The one thing you must know is that once you go for Free hosting, you will not be able to accept higher traffic on your blog or website as it can easily crash.

This can be a good option for a very simple setup but a big no when you are starting your blog or business with great expectations.


7 – No Ownership: Imagine having a business website and it does not exist overnight? What can you do about it? You won’t be able to file a complaint because you paid nothing for it and it was free.

You will not get any customer care support as there is no support provided by Free Hosting. You will have no control over your things and effort and it will always be controlled by the third party. What can be worse than owning something partially when all efforts are done by you. There is no sense of security that you can feel.


8 – Risk: Risk is indeed the heartbeat of any business but having a risk unnecessarily which can be avoided very easily would rather be stupidity. You will feel that your business is facing risk all the time as you do not have any control over it and it is operated by someone else.

All your data may be recorded by a third-party app that can misuse it anytime. You can lose a lot of clients and customers because of Free Host. You will have an unnecessary risk and headache all the time.

A new business or blog is full of ideas and expectations. You may feel tempted by Free Hosting because you won’t have to pay anything at all but you may forget the importance of security and ownership.

You will have resource limitation, Advertisements, No support, No backups when you go for free hosting.

Your clients too may feel that your enterprise is not worth it. In the long term, you can lose on customers, vendors and even partnerships. When you wish to learn something then Free Hosting can be a great option but when you are thinking of starting something of bigger value, you must look for a cpanel hosting or business hosting .

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